May is PREUTSAPAA-COM พฤษภาคม

May is a bit difficult to read and remember. The first part sounds a bit like “preuss”, a prissy little girl. the second part is the start of “party”.

So in May, there is lots of time off starting with labor day and it’s the start of summer, so a good time to go out an have picnics in your bikinis – a pretty party amongst the flowers and eye candy (for the guys as well as the girls: the girls should be stripping down to their bikinis or flimsy underwear and the guys should all be shirtless at the very least, coz it’s so hot).



พฤษภาคม.jpg เนื้อคู่คนเกิด
เดือนพฤษภาคม[Your] soulmate [for] people born in May…เนื้อคู่ (“flesh/body pair/couple”, or soulmate)
คน (person, people)
เกิด (born)
เดือน (month)

[a horoscope reading]

mayday1.jpg สุขสันต์วันแรงงาน

Happy Labour Day

สุขสันต์ to be happy/content/joyful

แรงงาน labor
แรง power/strength
งาน work

Note: ค่าแรง is “cost of labor”

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