Once you’ve finished the novel, you are ready to learn “business” or “commercial” Thai.

“Top” is a young teenager who didn’t enjoy studying, but loved to play computer games. He hit on the idea of selling virtual weapons and made a cool fortune while still at school… until his account was shut down for “unauthorized activity”. Then he tried his hand at various other business ideas, failing at most of them, but eventually became fairly successful by selling roast chestnuts at various shopping malls.

Until that activity was curtailed.

So he struggled on, looking for other ideas. He eventually hit on the idea of selling fried seaweed, but he almost couldn’t figure out a way to sell it commercially. After a string of bad luck and bad judgments, he almost wasn’t able to fulfil the contract after getting a lucky break with 7-11 to supply their stores with his product. He needed a factory, but although the banks might have lent him the money based on his business plan and purchase order, they couldn’t do so because he was still only 19 years old.

It’s an intriguing and inspiring story of how “Top” persevered against all odds until he eventually became a “Baht Billionaire”, at the tender age of 23.

The language is colloquial because the biography Top Story is based on interviews with “Top”, but as the subject matter is about commerce and finance and marketing and production, you will learn how to discuss business in Thai.

– more details and trial courses to follow –