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The most bizarre, memorable, quickest and easiest way to learn Thai.
Make deeper and more lasting connections with Thai people, keep your relationships alive and maintain a business advantage by understanding and talking to them in their language.

What is the Rapid Method?

It is a minimalist and clear, well-defined, simple path to learning Thai using accelerated learning techniques to help you remember the concepts instantly.Ā 

Step 1. Learn to Read first. It won’t take long!Ā Why is this so important?

Sign up here for the first few free lessons – in two hours, you’ll learn how to pronounce the tones naturally and recognize (and remember) around 60 simple Thai words.

Step 2. Build up vocabulary. From this point on, you will read Thai script only. Read menus, street signs and notices. Study the fun, popular (and sometimes very sexy) Thai songs. Swipe through the photos of Thai signs and spaced-repetition flashcards in the app.

Step 3. Learn sentenceĀ patterns.Ā Not phrases. The Everyday Thai for Beginners course covers the vocabulary and typical conversational sentence patterns for everyday situations.

Step 4. Read a romance novel (Sydney Remember). Gain fluency and more nuanced vocabulary for making a deeper connection with your lover or close friends. Also explore the “sideline” websites that are not only very raunchy, but written in transactional, commercial language.

Step 5. Read a business novel (Top Story).Ā If you’re going to work in Thailand or have any commercial or formal dealings with the authorities then this book will give you all the advanced vocabulary you need in an enjoyable, easy and colloquial style.

Continue to advance by studying more songs, movies about everyday life and romance, and Note Udom’s stand-up comedy routines (he tells stories that Thais talk and laugh about amongst themselves), Don’t bother with children’s stories: they’re often unnecessarily complicated or simply irrelevant. And the language used in news articles is very formal and advanced, so leave this till much later. If you’d like to follow the news in Thai then learn the special language used. it’s complicated but thankfully there are only about 200-odd words you need to know, which are used repetitively in all the news stories.Ā 

Find out more about reading and speaking Thai here.


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Once I have mastered reading, then what?

Speak everyday conversational ThaiĀ in only 7 months of minimal and easy study

With the Rapid Methodā€™s minimalist accelerated-learning principles, you can become fluent* in basic everyday Thai with hardly any time or effort.

Find out how we can help youĀ speak Thai.

*Ā By ā€œfluencyā€, I mean being able to speak effortlessly without having to think about it. You can ā€œfluentā€ at various levels. The Rapid Method focuses on conversational fluency in a social context with your friends and family.