This is part of a series of how to remember essential vocabulary “in Thai”.

The months are particularly difficult, primarily because they are not really Thai words – they usually have something to do with the Zodiac or originating from Sanskrit.

Nevertheless, at some point, it is worth learning the names of the months. Start by learning the current month and the one following, so that you can at least talk about today’s date and a date in the next month.

Or you could cheat and simply say เดือนนี้ (for this month) and เดือนหน้า (for next month).

Here’s how to remember the months in Thai:

Month Hint
January Macaroni
February Oom Paa Paa
March Meaner
April Messiah
May Pretty Party
June Meat ‘n Tuna sandwiches
July 4th of July fireworks
August Leo the Singer
September Hunting season, get out yer guns
October OktoberFest Too Laa Laa
November Dance a Pretty Jig
December A Ton of Xmas presents

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