What is the Rapid Method?

The Rapid Method is primarily a minimalist self-study approach to learn Thai online, with the occasional guidance of a teacher for practicing conversation, to check your pronunciation and to explain details and nuances. To learn a language effectively, you must develop ‘muscle memory’ – just like in sport, dancing or playing a musical instrument.The Rapid Method is a comprehensive system to train your brain ‘muscles’ and your mouth muscles to speak and understand Thai using stories, mnemonics, songs, interactivity and ‘spaced repetition’. The secret ingredient is that it’s all done by reading and studying (and speaking out loud and listening to) colloquial material.

Thai is probably one of the simplest languages in the world to learn, primarily because it is so logical and consistent. The reason why it seems so difficult is because of how it is conventionally presented and taught. In the Rapid Method, anything that is irrelevant or redundant is omitted, so you only focus on what you need to know to be able to converse with a Thai friend. No more. No less.