Foundation Videos

Read Thai – Rapid Method

The self-study interactive Rapid Read Thai online course is all you need to learn to read Thai.

Once you can read, then you can get stuck into learning to speak with the follow-on conversational courses (or any stories or songs or movie scripts with a lot of dialogue).

Read Thai Supplementary Texts

And the Living Thai Dictionary that surrounds us in Thailand becomes immediately available for you to continuously pick up new vocabulary and remind you of words you already know.

Try before you buy.

These YouTube videos below will demonstrate clearly how the Rapid Method works. Watch them now and be amazed at how quick ‘n easy you can learn (and remember) the letters.

Then log in or sign up (see menu above) and work through the first few lessons for free. You will learn the top 30 letters and be able to read and sound out hundreds of simple Thai words within three hours. 

How to watch the videos