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Thai Meaning Tone
 ล้าง to wash (usually dishes, hands, cars, etc.)  uncertain
 อัด compress, squeeze (in this case, pressure); to record/duplicate low, sad
 ฉีด inject, spray low, sad
อัดฉีด pressure wash/spray low, sad



There are various ways of washing or cleaning things in Thai

 ล้างมือ wash your hands uncertain – no tone
 ล้างจาน wash the dishes  uncertain – no tone
 ล้างน้ำ rinse uncertain – uncertain
 ล้างรถ wash the car uncertain – uncertain
 ล้างสมอง brainwash uncertain – question [fused]
 ซักผ้า wash clothes, do the laundry uncertain – emphatic
 อาบน้ำ take a shower, bathe low – uncertain
 สระ pool/pond sa; shampoo/wash/rinse sa“;
vowel sara
low [fused]
 สระผม shampoo (wash/rinse) hair   low – question