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Thai Meaning Tone
 ซัก wash/launder (usually ซักผ้า wash clothes) , as little as uncertain
 อบ bake/roast, to perfume, but in this case: to dry low, sad
 รีด iron, press, squeeze  emphatic
 แห้ง dry emphatic


 ซัก or สัก (can be spelled either way) 

ซัก is mostly used to mean just, but in the sense of only a little.

 ซักคน just/only one person emphatic – no tone
 สักที just the once (ที is time) low – no tone


 รอซักครู่ค่ะ  –  Please wait a moment

 คุณขับรถไม่ดีซักเท่าไหร่  You don't drive so well "You drive car not good just [as little as] how much"

 ไม่ได้ทำอะไรซักหน่อย  I didn't do anything! "didn't do what just a little" 


ซัก has other meanings: to enquire (usually ซักถาม) or to wash (as in ซักผ้า)
สัก has different other meanings: tattoo (usually รอยสัก) or teak (usually ไม้สัก)