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Thai Meaning Tone
 ขอ beg, [polite way of requesting something] question
 อภัย to forgive "apai"
[อภั are fused together, in the same way as อร่อย]
no tone


jar (of glass or clay) – in this case the porcelain toilet (โถส้วม) question


damaged, ruined, out of order

no tone – uncertain


spoilt, wasted, gone bad


เสีย is a more general, colloquially-used word for something that's broken or spoilt, lost or wasted.
Or to discard or give something up, one special meaning of this is to pay some kind of fine or tax.
And it can be used [at end of sentence] to mean something is done completely or quickly.


waste/lose time (เวลา is time) 


to lose one's money (เงิน is money)


to die, pass away (ชีวิต is life)


diarrhea (ท้อง is abdomen, stomach, belly; or to be pregnant)


to be sorry


to break one's promise ("spoil word speak")


to pay a fine


to pay tax


to pay interest (ดอก also means "flower")


to take off … completely
 ถอดเสื้อเสีย take your shirt completely off


 เสียใจ ฉันไม่ได้ตั้งใจที่จะโกหกคุณ – I'm sorry. I didn't lie to you on purpose.


Here it means didn't (if it appears before the verb); otherwise it means cannot.


to intend (ตั้ง is to set up, establish)


to lie